This is a special revolutionary processing and packaging technology (under patent) is developed by SUPA STAR FOOD. OXY FRESH ™ Technology, creates magic! It allows the product to be sterilised and packed in such a manner that it stays fresh and free of any micro-organism growth even if kept at ambient temperature for 9 months! (This duration could vary depending upon the vegetables and mix.)
Yes, so that is great but wait… there is more. The product gets more benefits:


100% NATURAL! We add no preservatives to our products. Yes, Not Even BRINE or Salt or Anything. Our product is in its 100% Natural state and YET READY TO EAT!


Sweet Corn is a very very healthy product. Well you can read more about that in our blogs and at many other sources. However, with every day after harvesting it keeps losing its goodness. We work hard to maintain that goodness. How do we do that?

Well, probably we are the only company that has the packaging plant in the farms itself. We package the product within hours of harvesting using OXYFRESH technology. This makes sure that the deterioration of the product is stopped within hours! Unlike other products where corn might be few days old and hence not as healthy as SUPACORN!


No need for freezing. Just keep it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight!


No Need to Thaw Or Wash Or Re-heat or Boil! Just open it and eat ! Our products are pesticide free as wel !

Some people like it warm, so you can microwave it for 35-40 seconds. Our pouches are microwave friendly. You can add your favourite spices or sauces to it.

*For various applications please do see our recipe section.

No need TO HURRY

Our sweet corn stays sweet and fresh for 9 months. So, if you have the will power, keep it for a long time before you consume it. We have tried to wait but could not! Kids and Adults love it alike. Our products will not stay on your Shelf for long. They are just so tasty and yummy and yet, HEALTHY!