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‘I’m a sweet corn lover and this product is just too awesome. Because this is ready to eat product and I can have this anytime on the go ..

Bindu Khera

Very good product. Various corn applications are now so easy at home ..

Pallavi Sachdeva

Nothing like SUPA CORN my kids just love them. I make corn kernel with butter and salt they just want more and more ..

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Supa Corn is my kitchen star and a savior in emergency situations like guests landing uninformed ..

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Abhishek Shukla

I love Supa Corn Peri- Peri , it is perfect according to my taste ..

Konika Roy

My daughter she love sweet corn but for me it’s a big task when it come to cook any recipe from corn because If I have raw cob then I ..

Lalita Kumari

Being an aspiring athlete I am extremely careful with my diet. I often fail to find a tasty snack to have in between meals that contains the right nutrient’s for ..

Uday Sharma

As a child I always enjoyed eating roasted corn on the cob from street vendors. But as that is only seasonal product I am not able to enjoy it all ..

Aditya Singh

‘I’ve always been an avid user of corn especially for my salads while I was living in California. When I moved back I found it hard to find good quality ..

Viraj Shastri

Healthy food, Any Time, Anywhere!\r\nThat’s only possible because of #Supa Corn a healthy and ready to eat food ..

Bhawana Nagley