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Sweet Corn - Vegetable, Fruit or Grain ?

About corn –“As everyone knows confuses sweet corn with Indian MAIZE , sweet corn is a grain/cereal, actually corn is a dry fruit because you cannot get flour/atta from sweet corn.

So if you can Eat Apple, Guava, Grapes….. Then why not Supa Corn

  • Supa Corn its-
  • Natural—100% Natural! The product has no brine or any other form of preservative
  • Healthy—No cholesterol, No added Sugar, No Salt!
  • Easy To Store—No need for freezing.
  • Easy To Use—No Need to Thaw! Or Re Heat! Just Open it, if you want then microwave it for 35-40 seconds, Add your Supa Zest Flavors and eat.

Navratri Special recipes

  • Sweet Corn Sundal
    • Ingredients
      • Sweet Corn -150 hm
      • Carrot ½
      • Ginger a small piece
      • Ginger a small piece>
      • Green chilli 1
      • Oil 1 tsp
      • Mustard seeds 1/4 tsp
      • Curry leaves few
      • Coconut scrapped 2-3 tblsp
      • Salt as needed
    • Method
      • Sweet corn( heat on microwave o a pan for 30-35 minutes)
      • Grate the carrot in a small grater.
      • In a mortar and pestle just grind the ginger and chilli coarsely.
      • Add oil in a pan and throw in the mustard seeds. Add the coarsely ground ginger and green chili paste and add the curry leaves to this.
      • Add the cooked sweet corn kernels. Add the grated carrots and salt to this . Mix well.
      • Let this cook in a low flame for few minutes. Add the coconut and switch off the flame
      • Sweet corn sundal is ready for neivedhyam.
      • Preparation Time : 20 mins | Cooking Time : 10 Mins | Serves : 2-3